AIDS Prevention Work

Project Outreach

UNDP and NIS Sparta initiated an AIDS/HIV sensitizing program called Project Outreach with the objective of creating awareness among NIIT students and create a movement of awareness and education through behavioral transformation. Through interactive discovery learning methodology these students were imparted education about HIV/AIDS and were made sensitive to HIV/AIDS infected victims.

The students are divided into 3 categories.

1.            Those who do not have required information about HIV/AIDS

2.            Those who have information about HIV/ AIDS but are confused/ or have Myths about HIV/ AIDS

3.            Those who have all the necessary information about HIV/AIDS but are still complacent about practicing the preventing measures in reality.

To make it a sustainable impact a Peer Education model is adopted. The workshops are conducted for the group of 40 students for two hour. After the workshop a group of volunteers are taken who become Peer Educators.

For this the PE’s are encouraged to undertake various projects like organizing poster competition, Quiz, Essay Writing, Debates, Symposiums or other group activity like creating Screen Saver, Preparing presentation on HIV/AIDS awareness and information. This way they are encouraged to enroll maximum people in this awareness outreach.

Through different activities, games and simulated exercises the participants are sensitized about how the subject of HIV/AIDS relates to them.  With the combination of Games, Simulation Exercise, 4 movies and QBD the participants are made to feel the deep, social, cultural, emotional and physical implication of HIV/AIDS on the infected people and society at large.

This way the participant feels the pain and serious-ness of HIV/AIDS. Hence, they become sensitive to the plight of the AIDS/HIV victims.

Additionally NIS Sparta jointly with APAC created and delivered a  Retailers Capacity Building Project on HIV & AIDS and Condom Promotion              

40,000 retailers covered through a half day training program to enhance proper display and sales of condoms specially in areas where commercial sexual activity is undertaken. The project resulted in over 60% increase in the number of retail outlets stocking condoms, surpassing the set target of 30%.

Over 88% of retailers expressed change in attitudes towards promoting condom usage post the training intervent