NIS Sparta in the FMCG industry

Despite the slowdown in the economy in recent times, FMCG companies operating in India sustained their growth momentum. The performance clearly demonstrates potential of the FMCG sector in India. This is one segment where Indian as well as MNC players have performed well. Reasons for good performance vary from well-established and managed distribution network, low operational costs to sound product mix, among many others. The key factor though has been the quality of people who have led this growth.

NIS Sparta has played a key role in growth of many leading FMCG companies by building capability of the people who make a difference, right from senior management to frontline sales staff. NIS Sparta has also worked extensively in the area of capability development of the distribution network, across length and breadth of the country.

NIS Sparta has deployed unique capability building initiatives for some of the leading FMCG giants and demonstrated effectiveness.

Scope of Interventions in the FMCG sector

  1. Effective Retail Selling Skills
    • Effective Beat/ Market Outlet Planning Skills
    • Effective Range Selling
    • Retail Sales Call
  2. Merchandising

  3. Performance Coaching (Field capacity building model)
    • Field distributors
    • Implementation of Norms
  4. Channel Management
    • Strengthening Channel relationships
    • Channel complaint handling
    • Relationship building skills
  5. Supervisory Skill building

  6. Leadership Development

  7. Team Building

  8. Negotiation Skills