IT Industry

NIS Sparta in the IT sector

NIS Sparta has serviced several prominent IT companies in India. Our training interventions have resulted in substantial reductions in cost of quality and process cycle times.

The interventions have also provided management development programs and other training inputs to various management and other cadres.

Scope of Interventions in IT software sector

With a wide geographical presence, NIS Sparta has undertaken interventions and performance enhancement in the following functions:

  1. Building a Total Quality and Continuous Improvement Culture

  2. Top Management Strategic initiative (Vision, Mission, Leadership, etc.)

  3. Frontline capability building
    • Sales
    • Project Management
    • Delivery
  4. Team building

Scope of Interventions in IT hardware sector

  • Frontline Sales Effectiveness
  • Effective Channel Management
  • Customer Service
  • Enhanced communication and Presentation Skills at Frontlines and middle management levels
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Business Simulations for Middle and Senior management