About NIS Sparta

NIS Sparta is Asia's leading training, education and learning solutions provider for close to Quarter of Century.

Established in 1991, NIS Sparta  offers productivity performance enhancement solutions.  specializing in Sales Training Programs; catering to the need for skilled professional through its Sales and Marketing Diploma Programs. What started as a journey of enabling and equipping the youth with Employability skills soon became an integral part of India's Growth Story.

NIS Sparta has partnered with over 1000 organizations, developed over 12, 00,000 professionals, across 10 Countries, and in 18 languages!

On this journey NIS Sparta left a sustainable and visible impact on the skills map of the country which is experienced by people in their interactions with organizations trained by NIS Sparta.  With the dawn of Sunrise era, on the Insurance and Telecom sectors, NIS Sparta took the lead of being a Supply Chain of skilled talent to these sectors.

With the thrust of a Make in India and Skill in India Mission; NIS Sparta is once again at the forefront of supporting the country with its need for professionally skilled manpower, working closely with various government initiatives through its partnership in projects through National Skill Development Corporation, Ministry of Rural Development and other government initiatives

The Best Part of History Is You Don't Know When You're Creating One! 

As we step into our 24th year of operations, NIS reinvents itself to support the Mission: Make in India & Skill in India in a manner that we create history from which future will learn!