Education and Employability Solutions

The School of Employability

SOE – School of Employability, was conceptualized to address the increasing void in the organizations between required and available trained manpower.

Purpose of setting up the SOE is multi-pronged

  • Reducing training cost for organization
  • Providing manpower with basic skills, behavioral and domain knowledge
  • Equipping candidates with the basic ability to handle work pressure
  • Reducing termination and voluntary attrition
  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing re-hiring and re-training cost
  • Ensuring productivity from the day one

Target Audience

  • Age Group – 21-32
  • Undergraduates/Graduates in any discipline
  • Acceptable levels of proficiency in Hindi, the local vernacular and preferably in English.

Pre - Selection

  • Initial Screening
  • Second Level Screening by the Client
  • Letter of Intent to the prospective trainee

Training Coverage

  • Module 1 – Behavioral Training
  • Module 2 – Skill Training
  • Module 3 – Domain Training
  • Module 4 -  On-the-Job Training


India has more than 35000 colleges in the country with more than 4 Million students graduating out of them every year.

Despite such a high number of students graduating each year 53% of Indian employers say lack of skills leads to entry level vacancies going unutilized.

With our strong industry connects, we are able to bring specific programs to college students which help them in the following ways:

  • Making them first day first hour productive, therefore making them the first choice for employers
  • Improving their learning abilities by exposing them to technology lead self-paced programs to make them self-motivated learners
  • Interacting with industry leaders and best in class expert faculty to define clear career paths in terms of immediate jobs and jobs after higher education
  • Providing global certifications which will make them stand apart from their peers and help them showcase their knowledge implementation

Benefits of working with us:

For the Students

For the College

Greater chances of employability as a result of meticulous and role mapped training

A significant incline in the placements statistics 

Cost-effective learning within college campus

Deliver greater value to students by putting innovation and technology to task

Opportunity to learn from expert professionals

Improved rating leading to higher college admissions and retention of companies wanting to employ qualified people in large numbers

Placement opportunities galore on graduating

 Preferred destination for corporate entities to source ‘quality’ talent

Assessments and Certifications

Deployment of student management systems for better administration and monitoring

Benefits from global alliances partners

 Opportunity to highlight the global tie-ups as a differentiator


Our Offerings:

  • Employability Linked Programs: These Programs are designed for Final Year Students who want to get immediate jobs.
  • Career Certification Programs: These Programs are linked to international certifications which will help them land jobs in better positions than their peers.


 Our programs concentrate on the following industry sectors:

  • Telecom
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Business Process Management
  • Infrastructure Management Services
  • Retail