Indian Railways - Customer Goodwill Programme


Indian Railways is the largest employer, outside the Defence forces, in the world. They touch millions of people on a daily basis with their services. Indian Railways wanted to enhance citizen well being, by moving away from a product centric approach to a customer centric approach. They wanted to achieve this by making all customer interactions a positive and memorable experience.

Over a period of 18 months 25,500 participants spread over 23 locations including 8 ZTCs and CCI, Delhi were trained with an average programme effectiveness feedback of 4.87/5.

To evaluate impact of training on participants, Indian Railways and customers, a comprehensive survey was conducted at 24 locations across the country. The survey was conducted on the same parameters as selected during initial research by M/s MORI UK. Sample size included 3851 customers, 279 trained participants and 138 supervisors across 24 stations.

Customer Satisfaction Score: This survey demonstrated a visible improvement on all 7 critical parameters from 28% to 39%. The customer satisfaction score had increased from 2.62 – 2.83 to 3.47 - 3.77 on a scale of 5.  Over 85% of the customers had rated the staff skills from average to excellent. 

Supervisor’s rating of the trained staff: Supervisors who interact daily with their staff members were asked to rate their trained staffs customer handling skills and behaviours on critical parameters.  Supervisor rating showed that there had been an improvement in staff customer handling skills and behaviours from 56 % to 73%.  Overall impact on internal and external customers had been 84%. 

Peer rating of Trained staff: Trained participants were asked to rate their peers on the parameters before and after training. This data demonstrated an all round improvement from 46% to 53%. Improvements reported – positive outlook, better listening ability, patience and better handling of customers.

NIS Sparta took its association with Indian Railways forward and also trained Delhi Metro staff subsequently. NIS Sparta has also worked with Mumbai Metro.