NIS Sparta in the Auto Industry

Unlike the world markets, Automobile segment in India is witnessing healthy growth. New products are being introduced in almost all the automobile categories across commercial and non commercial segments. With the growth of automobile companies the ancillary and allied companies too are witnessing growth.

Managing growth necessitates skilled manpower. NIS Sparta partners almost all the key automobile, ancillary and allied companies to fulfill the manpower development needs of the segment.

From product training to interpersonal skills, from training dealer sales force to companies direct sales force, from grooming leaders to team building, from sales training to customer retention training NIS Sparta has offered these and many other training solutions to the Automobile companies and the ancillary units, to fuel their growth.

Scope of Interventions in the Automobile Sector

With a wide geographical presence, NIS Sparta has undertaken interventions and performance enhancement in the following functions:

  1. Solution construction for Sales
    • Product launches
    • Mystery shopping
    • Manpower profiling at dealerships
    • Dipsticks
    • Adopting ‘model’ dealerships
    • Interventions for Company personnel
    • On the job
    • Special Project Interventions
    • Implementation of processes
    • Business simulations
    • Skill contests
    • Technical Product Trainings
    • SOP/ SSI Implementation
  2. Service
    • After Sales service process implementation
    • CRM based interventions
    • Tele calling projects with assessments
    • Interventions for service advisors and service managers
    • SOP/ CSI implementation
    • ‘On-the-job’ facilitation projects
  3. Spare Parts
    • Field distributors
    • Implementation of Norms
  4. Special projects like interventions in J.D. Power SSI and CSI and True Value

  5. Organizational Engagement
    • Induction for all new joinees
    • Regular interventions for each employee
    • Creation of a training path with integration with the employees role
    • Experiential Training
    • Identification with the organization brand and culture
  6. Shop floor engagement with the workforce

NIS Sparta’s solutions for the auto and ancillary industry include:

  • Profiling for Sales and Service Personnel
  • Product Training
  • Post Training Facilitation
  • Sales Management Processes
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Customized Solutions for the Dealer Owners - Business Enterprise Management
  • CD based and Web based solutions to reinforce the classroom sessions
  • Process Improvement through Benchmarking
  • Vision and Strategy Deployment

We service the following segments within the auto industry:

  • 2 wheelers
  • Passenger vehicles
  • 3 wheelers
  • Tractor Industry
  • Tyre Industry
  • Auto ancillaries
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Lubricants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Auto Finance