Police Reforms

Our first association Police Reform  started with the Police Training Academy at Jaroda Kalan, Delhi. In the year 2000 or a little before Ms Kiran Bedi took over the charge of the Delhi Police Training Academy as Its Principal. She invited NIS initially to conduct attitudinal workshops for its constables and recruits under training.

This initiative gradually enlarged to training of its station staff as well as its probationary officers.

The interventions grew to include leadership aspects for its middle level staff. The training form a 3 day workshop grew to a 13 days intervention, including outdoor activities and outstation visits.

This experience and reference gave us assignments for J&K police, UNAids projects for police sensitisation in other states also as part of the UNDP – Trafficking And HIV/AIDS (TAHA) Project Police Sensitization Trainings

NIS Sparta was entrusted to impart training to police personnel in five states covering about 7000 police personnel in each of the state.


  • Enhance knowledge about HIV/AIDS, STDs its various dimensions
  • Equip them to use empathy in dealing with high-risk behaviour particularly FSWs, MSWs and IVDUs and promoting safer sex practices.
  • Create Empathy within the Police towards CSWs and in developing negotiating skills for the use of condoms with their partners.
  • To help the Police learn the skills and take all steps to stop discrimination of CSWs in the society through their interactions with other social entities.
  • To know and promote the various services being extended for the benefit of the people practising high-risk behaviour.

Through his implementation NIS Sparta could

  • Train 35,000 Police Personnel in one year.
  • Cover seven districts in each of the selected states
  • The progress of training was conducted at District level and Police Training Schools level