NIS Sparta in the Telecom sector

With the dearth of knowledgeable & skilled sellers/ service providers in the Telecom industry, the demand–supply curve is highly skewed. This has opened plethora of opportunities for skill building solutions that can bridge this gap in the Indian Telecom domain.

NIS Sparta’s association with leading telecom players in the country much before the surge began, has given us the winning advantage of knowing the key drivers of this industry in the Indian Perspective. Our initial learning partnership with Bharti Telecom – the Leader in the Industry today, the association with Tata Tele Services in its formative years and our close association with Reliance Communications – the largest integrated communications company in the country today, have all added to our intensity of telecom market’s domain knowledge and developing learning modules for various roles in the industry.

Tapping into the need for customized solutions in the telecom sector, NIS Sparta has made headway by creating a host of learning solutions to enhance knowledge & skill sets of people including young freshes, who can manage the frontlines of this industry immediately.

Scope of Interventions in the Telecom sector

With a wide geographical presence, NIS Sparta has undertaken interventions and performance enhancement in the following functions:

  1. Customer Services:
    • Customer Services & Value Chain differentiators
      • Customer Churn Management
      • User Revenue Planning
      • Collection Management
      • Customer Experience Enhancements
    • Strategizing Service Deliveries
    • Managing Quality of Services
    • Attitudinal and Behavioral Transformation among service providers
    • Process Improvements & others
    • New Product Launch Training
    • Technology Training
  2. Managing Sales & Sales Teams:
    • Selling Skills
    • Strategizing for Major Sales
    • Managing Channels (of sale)
    • Team Building
    • Performance Coaching to enhance productivity
    • Leadership & other Soft Skills for managers